Saturday, May 19, 2007

Way Beyond Cute!

These are Anna Casanova's neices. She helped me photograph them last week. They are crazy cute and I can't wait to work on their images. How do you pack so much personality into such tiny beings? By the by-Anna- I believe you are a natural and you should work with me....alot!!!!! Seaweed salad and Spider Rolls and Asahi...Oh My!!! ( Your supposed to say it like Lions & Tigers & Bears- Oh My!!! Is that Wizrd of Oz? Dear God- it's 2:30 already!

So this whole blog thing - I don't see me handling it the way blogging was meant to be done -sort of a daily or weekly journaling kind of thing- I see spurts and lags.... I had no idea it was this easy- or I would have given it a shot earlier...It's a much better way of sharing pictures than e-mailing them....In fact- that's how this started I was going to shoot Pat & Mike a couple of photos -from a recent trip and I's such a hassle for them to open them and then you only get those teeny thumbnail-ish size images.....Maybe I'm hooke........! I'm kind of surprised... I think I like this blog-site thing....

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