Saturday, May 19, 2007

10 Steps Beyond

Laurent & I following our faithful leader. Herding kittens?...... I don't think so. I have plenty of documentation of order and focus.

Way Beyond Cute!

These are Anna Casanova's neices. She helped me photograph them last week. They are crazy cute and I can't wait to work on their images. How do you pack so much personality into such tiny beings? By the by-Anna- I believe you are a natural and you should work with me....alot!!!!! Seaweed salad and Spider Rolls and Asahi...Oh My!!! ( Your supposed to say it like Lions & Tigers & Bears- Oh My!!! Is that Wizrd of Oz? Dear God- it's 2:30 already!

So this whole blog thing - I don't see me handling it the way blogging was meant to be done -sort of a daily or weekly journaling kind of thing- I see spurts and lags.... I had no idea it was this easy- or I would have given it a shot earlier...It's a much better way of sharing pictures than e-mailing them....In fact- that's how this started I was going to shoot Pat & Mike a couple of photos -from a recent trip and I's such a hassle for them to open them and then you only get those teeny thumbnail-ish size images.....Maybe I'm hooke........! I'm kind of surprised... I think I like this blog-site thing....

Friday, May 18, 2007

Falafel Heaven....hmmmmmmmm

I appreciate the fact that we went to both locations....Mahmoud's sp? East & West? Excellent & Super Cheap! Note: Suspicious haracters on the right all jazzed up about their lentil soup and whatnot....You say Shawirma and I say Falafel....Shawirma..Falafel..Shawirma...Falafel..............

Intense Little Window Man


NY...Larry David or Jazzy P?

George Wiggington

Spring is in the air....caught George in the backyard getting wiggy with it.
Pperhaps the fact that he's recently had some of his naughty bits removed has spurred this over the top obsession with all things glam. The other day I caught him watching a segment on Dollywood.....hmmmmph and you thought Sam was gay...dear God!!!